An existential crisis

I wrote the following text in early 2018 when I was struggling with my existence and essence. This is what led me to pursue philosophy. I would be completing my Master's in Philosophy this year.

For the past few months, I’ve been contemplating about numerous questions that might sound unavailing and impractical but have been bothering me to an extent where it's getting tough to concentrate on anything. While you might dismiss these questions as philosophical wool-gathering, I feel that having answers to them is much more gratifying than just running on a hedonic treadmill. And though these questions have been asked endlessly since Socrates and beyond, the answers to them have always varied with social, cultural and religious developments. Ultimately, any body who is looking for answers has to find their own path.

  1. How do you define a successful life? What is the ultimate goal of my life? What will be my legacy? Should I be even concerned with it?
  2. Are people destined to do something? Is there even anything called as destiny?
  3. Do I need a religion or school of thought to define virtues? Do I need a book or a doctrine to define the way I want to lead my life?
  4. What happens to the knowledge acquired in a lifetime? What do I do with it? What will come out of it? Is it just for mental gratification, fame or something beyond that? Knowledge is a priori, a posteriori or both? But what is knowledge?  And is knowledge certain?
  5. What is truth?